Brett Thomason


Dr. Aaron Rossi

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Brett Thomason

Brett Thomason is the Chairman of Reditus Laboratories, CEO of Silver Screen Bottling Company, principal and chief operating officer for The Whitener Company, CEO co-founder for Whitener Entertainment Group, Founder and CEO of Foothills Consulting Co, Partner and Co-Founder of Trenches Sports & Entertainment, and the President of Brands2Fans. Brett manages these entities day to day and oversees the remaining entities in the various holdings, while raising and placing capital to expedite exits within the strategic business verticals.  


Brett began his career at Cydcor, where he established and managed one of the nation’s leading business & residential sales and marketing teams for Fortune 500 companies. He has also founded multiple ventures including First Step Advertising and OneDealU, which spearheaded online menu, ordering, and delivery services, and Pioneer Social, which leveraged social media development to increase companies’ profitability. In 2012, Brett founded Thomason Consulting, Thomason Medical, and Thomason Acquisition & Investment. He also co-founded Tennessee Innovative, a consulting venture firm specializing in identifying proprietary IP from Oak Ridge National Labs and other national labs in the United States.


While managing these entities and providing exits, Brett served on an elite sales team at Lakewood Capital Group, where he was a repeat member of the Multi-Million Dollar Sales Club from 2011- 2015. In 2016, Brett was an executive producer on the feature film “The Last Movie Star,” starring Burt Reynolds, which premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival and was released worldwide in March 2018.


Brett has served on various board, including VFL, ARST Medical Solutions, Big Hat Saloon, Boy Scouts of America, and Nobility Medical. 

Aaron Rossi, MD

Aaron Rossi, MD, CEO of Reditus Laboratories, LLC. He graduated from Elmhurst College in 2006 and received his medical degree from the University of Sint Eustatius School of Medicine in 2012. While still in medical school, Dr. Rossi discovered his passion and unique aptitude for the business management of private medical practice. Since graduating from medical school, Dr. Rossi has served in multiple capacities across the health care continuum, allowing him to expand his knowledge and develop a diverse skillset. Dr. Rossi was driven by his passion to help private physicians navigate the ever-changing health care landscape. He developed a proven model for private practice management and continued to develop his model as he grew a Central Illinois single-provider practice into a robust multi-specialty group. He quickly quadrupled the practice’s revenue in less than five years. Dr. Rossi believes staying in touch with physicians who provide direct patient care allows him to better understand the challenges that private practice physicians experience every day. His main goal, which provides his drive, is to help keep doctors autonomous. He opened Reditus Laboratories in 2019.